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Financial planning isn’t just about numbers or dollars and cents. It’s about you and making sure that you can afford the life you want. As a Holistic Financial Planner since 1986, Barbara Seaman helps her clients define—designed to secure—their goals and dreams for retirement so they can enjoy those years to the fullest.

Holistic, Personalized Financial Planning

Barbara understands that your finances are as unique as you are. So she’ll customize a solution just for you.

Every personalized strategy that Barbara develops includes a multi-tiered tax plan. The money you keep matters at least as much as what you make. From minimizing the taxes on your earnings to building your portfolio in a way that avoids adverse tax consequences, Barbara is all about trying to enhance your bottom line.

All About You

Barbara is committed to your financial success now and in the future. Her holistic financial planning includes:

  • Professional long-term asset management & protection
  • Specialized retirement income planning
  • An experienced team that includes accountants, tax preparers, estate planners and insurance professionals.

In short, Barbara has you covered vis-à-vis every aspect of your financial life—especially your dreams. Her investment philosophy is based on her belief that the most important investment decision you—or any investor—can make is not which investment to buy but rather how assets should be allocated based upon your attitudes, objectives, circumstances and risk-taking capacity.

Find out how Barbara can help you and your portfolio. Contact her now by clicking here.